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In the midst

In the last post I discussed my journey through the Gospel of Mark and what truths really resonated with me. That was this morning. Since then I stepped in cat poop, the washing machine broke, the kids refused to nap AGAIN, I worked really hard on 2 homemade healthy pizzas (like, I made the dough myself and harvested ingredients from our garden and EVERYTHING) and they probably tasted worse than the cat poop I stepped in…

But you know what? I kept Jesus close throughout the day and remembered some of those truths I typed this morning. And I didn’t lose it or yell (well, not too much) or eat chocolate to (inexplicably) make myself feel better. I just held onto His Word and He held onto me. So yeah…pretty good day.

Okay, more truth to cling to in those broken washer-filled, cat-poop-steppin’ days…from Mark, chapters 5-8:

Jesus always meets an individual’s need even in the midst of a crowd.

Believing Jesus’ words without fear will bring new life into any apparent hopeless situation.

The hardest place to minister is in one’s hometown.

Jesus equips and instructs those He sends out to minister in His name.

Unconfessed sin multiplies and affects others.

Small things offered to Jesus will be used by Him to bless many.

Being in the will of God does not guarantee easy circumstances but does guarantee Jesus’ presence.

Jesus has power to heal anyone who reaches out to Him.

Sometimes Jesus delays answering prayers so that faith in Him can grow.

Jesus responds to needs in uniquely individual ways.

Jesus can use a little to accomplish a lot.

Jesus reveals Himself to honest seekers but will not be manipulated.

Preoccupation with physical needs hinders spiritual perception and growth.

Jesus may lead one away from familiar surroundings to give progressive new sight.

Again, please read these chapters for yourself to gain your own perspectives and application to your own life. It is such a gift! There is such freedom in Christ!


The quality of the soil

As I mentioned, I am plowing through the Gospel of Mark, and I am almost finished! The study guide I am using is through BSF and it’s really great. It was provided through a seminar on how to lead your own small group and it contains summaries on the content of the passages and the lesson learned. I have been writing these lessons in my BRAND-SPANKIN’ NEW Real-Life Devotional Bible For Women (that my mom got me because she is awesome) next to the corresponding verses and they are already so helpful and significant to me. I also plan on giving this Bible to my daughter Hazel someday, so I do my highlighting and note-writing with that in mind.

Here are some beautiful truths that resonate with me right this very moment. I would encourage you to read the Gospel of Mark to get the full context of these teachings. I’m not going to link to the verses here; I’m just going to list what Jesus wants me, Stefanie, to know, right here, right now, as my kids are covering me with stickers and singing along to the Curious George theme song and spilling their orange juice and trying to grab my phone out of my hand as I type this. (Don’t get me wrong – I am loving every second of it.)

Today’s truths brought to you by Mark, Chapters 1-4. More in the coming days. (Starting August 4, this blog will be devoted to the “What Happens When Women Say Yes To God” Online Bible Study. I will also most likely do the next 2 studies with Proverbs 31, because I already own the books they will be studying. And they are both FANTASTIC.). Anyhoo, on to today’s beautiful truths! I hope these encourage you as much as they encourage me:

Every Christian prepares the way for Christ in one way or another.

Jesus reacts compassionately to faith in Him and is willing to become a source of healing.

Jesus responds to determined faith to overcome difficulties.

Being Jesus’ disciple involves following Him and going to anyone who needs Him.

When Christ comes, all life becomes new; it no longer fits into the old framework.

Since Jesus is Lord of all, His followers need not be imprisoned by man-made interpretations of His laws.

The quality of the soil determines the future of the seed.

Everyone is responsible to use what God has given him.

God’s Word will sprout, grow, and produce a harvest in due time.

Small, hidden beginnings can have tremendous growth and bless many when God’s power is within them.

There is no reason to be afraid of anything when Jesus is with me.


The importance of fellowship

I spent time with a friend last night and we had fun and sat outside at the coffee shop and we talked about a zillion things. And it made me realize how important the role is of Sisters in Christ. When you have a friendship (or any relationship, really) with Christ at the center, it is a beautiful thing. As women, we are designed to take on many roles. One of the most powerful, we discussed, is that of Warrior. We fight for so much, don’t we? Our marriages/relationships, our kids, our friends, our beliefs. As this Warrior-of-sorts, I want to connect with other Warriors as much as I can. We can sharpen our weapons together. We can put on the full armor of God.

I am so excited to start this study. I need Bible studies all the time. My life is so wackadoo raising twins (2 1/2-year old twins. It’s awesome, yet exhausting and insane) that I need structure when I keep in The Word. Right now I am plowing through the Gospel of Mark, then I’m doing this study, and then I start BSF in early September (this year is the Gospel of Matthew. So excited). I also try to study what we are focusing on in my church. This may sound like a lot, but it’s really not. I need this. I need Him. He has transformed my life so much already that to think of an entire lifetime of grace is just mind-blowing.

So, all that said, I am excited to get started! Lysa TerKeurst is a fantastic writer, and a gifted speaker, a a nice person. I’ve read a ton of her books and been to one of her conferences and learned so much from her and the other women associated with Proverbs 31. Totes amped to get rolling!

The participants were asked to send in a pic of themselves with the book and a sign indicating where they are from.

I’m saying yes!

Who wants to join me (and 20,000 other women) in a 6-week study on What Happens When Women Say Yes To God by Lysa TerKeurst? I am doing this online study through Proverbs 31 Ministries, which is a fantastic organization. I’m going to use this blog for thoughts and revelations and discoveries and frustrations and who knows what else. All I know is I love to share with others how God has transformed my life, and this is one way I know how to do that. I’ll be back after August 4th when the study starts!

P.S. if I know you personally and you’d like to get together once a week to discuss the book, please let me know! I would love to do that!